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FIXED DEPOSIT money habit will improve the quality of life and will help you to feel better and to sleep better. One will be happier knowing he/she has some money aside for unexpected expenses and look forward to achieve some of their dreams. NBI QUASI BANK has introduced uniquely designed "FIXED DEPOSIT" to inbuilt the habit of saving among its members.
NBI QUASI BANK Offering Saving Account to its members with following attractive features:
Earn up to 7%. p.a. from your FIXED DEPOSIT with us.
Truly Zero Balance FIXED DEPOSIT.
No Min AMB (Average Monthly Balance) Required, No Annual Fees for Maintenance.
Minimum amount of deposit for opening a FIXED DEPOSIT with us is Rs. 1000 only.
Passbook and Monthly Account Statements will be provided.
The money can be withdrawn and deposited by using Withdrawal/Deposit slip in the concerned branch.
Nomination Facility available for Deposits.

Fixed Deposit Scheme

FD Month Minimum Deposit
Total Maturity
Rate Of Interest Multiple Amount Loan Of Principal
12 Month 1000/- 1090/- 9% 100 75%
24 Month 1000/- 1193.54/- 9.25% 100 75%
36 Month 1000/- 1342.93/- 9.50% 100 75%
60 Month 1000/- 1610.5/- 10% 100 75%